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Moon Line - Astrocartography for emotions

Hello! Happy Wednesday...

It's been a crazy past week in Astrology with all of these planets in retrograde... Just when you think some of the craziness is over... this happens to remind us all "Not so fast, you better watch yourself and think about what you have learned during this time."

For me, quarantine has been a really beautiful time of self reflection. I've been able to forge a deeper connection with myself than I've ever had before. And with this it's given me the ability to heal old wounds for a final time to create space for a new beginning.

Recently I felt the calling to come home to myself and go to where feels like home.

OK... so I know we aren't supposed to travel during quarantine but my Sagittarius moon was literally craving for wanderlust. I debated going on a 13 day hike around the Tahoe Basin, visiting my best friend in Montana, or going to visit an old friend in a city I used to call home, San Diego.

It was a tough decision to make, but I felt my soul longing to go to the ocean. I literally kept having visions of the rocky cliffs in La Jolla and the feeling of sand under my feet. So I packed up my car and headed South for the hopes of a refreshed state of mind and the feeling of returning home.

For my personal Astro Map, the Moon IC line runs straight through San Diego.

The moon line shows:

  1. Places that you will feel very at home

  2. Where you want to spend time around family or start a family.

  3. You will want to nurture/take care of the people around you.

  4. This energy also leaves you feeling more connected to your emotions, and you might even have a sense that you've had a past life in this place.

The IC in astrology is your private life, it's who you are at home and around your family.

By staying on a Moon IC line the feeling of home and family is doubled, you will feel connected to this in an even stronger way.

My first experience with the moon line was when I was 18.

My high school boyfriend moved down to SD and I went to stay with him for a week at his new home in Mission Beach. To say I felt instantly at home was an under statement. It was love at first sight for me, I felt so at home in this place and knew I wanted to move there someday. When I got home from that trip I wrote in my journal "Is this my home I just don't know.. all I know is that when I'm there I feel everything and since I got back I feel nothing".

If that's not some strong moon line vibes I don't know what is! So crazy because I didn't even know anything about Astrology or Astrocartography at this point in my life but I could feel the energy so intensely!

I ended up moving there about 2 years after that first experience. It was such a divine experience because I had no plan but everything aligned to find me a place to live, roommates to live with, and a job. I was going to school at this time so I needed a part time job. Of course, I chose to be a nanny for a family with 3 kids. Looking back this doesn't surprise me at all because that type of work is so in alignment with the moon energy.

I had the most amazing time living there for a couple of years. My roommate became like a sister to me and we had so much fun together exploring our new home.

Things started to turn south after a while, as she became addicted to substances. I ended up taking on a lot of her emotions during this time. I cared about her so much, almost as if I was her mother. I realize now that this type of relationship is very in sync for the moon line.

If you are traveling to or live on your moon line, it's so important to protect your energy! Otherwise, it's very easy to absorb the emotions of others and feel a great responsibility to take care of them.

That is what happened to me there, I felt so responsible for helping my friend get sober that it completely took over my emotional wellbeing. Nurturing and taking care of others is an amazing thing but it's so important not to lose touch with your own self care.

After a while this intense relationship became too much for me. I decided that I needed to either move out or move home. I really didn't want to leave this place at the time, but I felt that going back to Northern California made more sense for me at the time.

Once I moved home, I immediately got into a relationship with a guy who was also from San Diego. I felt a very strong past life energy towards him and felt a deep emotional connection. Such moon line vibes again! Because of that, I took on his emotions too. It quickly turned into a codependent almost mother-child dynamic. I felt so strongly connected to everything he was feeling and wanted to nurture him.


These are the types of themes I have personally experienced on my moon line:

Because the moon line gives you an ability to deeply tap into other's emotions, it is very easy for others to lean on you for emotional support. They feel the deep sense of understanding/compassion that you have for them. It draws them to you in a very deep way, which creates a family like bond. Strangers in this place sense this energy from you too, and it's very likely that many people will open up to you, even those you've just met.

This is super magical, but it's important to stay grounded in your own emotions.

The moon line also feels more like home to me than any place I've ever been...

Never in another place have strangers instantly became family.

Also... one last thing.

This sounds crazy and you can choose whether or not you believe me on this.. but when I am on my moon line driving in a new area I've never been, my soul literally knows the way. It remembers each turn and where everything is located, I rarely use GPS in these places which is saying a lot because anywhere else I am constantly getting lost.

Of course this is just my personal experience with the moon IC line. Every aspect will be experienced differently for you depending on the type of line you are on, and the personal parts of your birth chart!

Also important to connecting with people who are from where your moon line is, you can still feel the affects of that place very strongly even if you are far away from that place. This is also true for every planet line in Astrocartography!

So back to my most recent trip...

I just got home a couple of hours ago from my mini trip to my moon line and it really filled me up.

Spending time with an old friend felt so needed after my past few months in isolation. I realized I was craving emotional intensity and deep connection with others. Since those are themes around the moon line I know I made the right choice about where to go.

Seeing the horizon of the ocean left me feeling so much love and comfort. The feeling of home instantly came back. Partly because I was staying with a friend who is basically like a brother to me. But I know it was mainly because of that place. I have so much compassion for everyone I meet on my moon line and those who are from where my moon line is.

I do have to say... that it felt weird coming back to my house in Lake Tahoe today... I am always left with a feeling of emptiness after I leave the moon line. Perhaps one day I will move back again to that place when I am ready to start a family, but for now I have such a strong desire to experience my other Astrocartography lines.

We truly have so much to learn from each place we travel to. And by tapping into your intuition, you will be guided to where you need to be in this phase of life.

Traveling to a moon line right now after quarantine is over would be a great choice if you feel the need to come home to yourself! Because many of us have been in isolation, the moon line will help you establish a deep connection and feeling of home.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm sending you sooooo much love as I write this!


Jan 08

Thank you so much for this! I am from the Netherlands, and I never felt like I belonged here. I started looking into my astrocartography and my moon IC line runs straight and directly through Los Angeles. Like to the dot. I think I need to book a one way ticket…


Aug 06, 2021

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I actually just discovered the place Ive been dreaming to go to for years is on my Moon and Jupiter IC line. I have moon conjunct jupiter natally. All of this stuff Ive read up on these lines has me excited but I don’t want to get my hopes up. In September I plan to apply for a scholarship at a university in this country. I really hope it works out. Im worried about being accepted or not being able to meet good people but at the same time I feel like this is what I really want. I hope everything goes well. So far a lot of changes occuring. Please…


Feb 25, 2021

Thoughts on moon line MC?

I have a Scorpio moon 9th house with Pluto conjunct SN in 8th.

Wondering if it's about spending more time healing managing the f the emotional ups and downs of the moon line or head out to my Sun line or something....

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