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An intro to Locational Astrology:

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Have you ever been to a place and immediately felt a positive, light energy? ... almost like you were a different person there.

And then traveled somewhere else... only to experience a series of negative events, like nothing was going right for you.

You may have thought in these moments.. "this is just a coincidence".

And I have to admit that was my previous way of thinking too... After being told my whole life that I was crazy for believing in energy yet constantly feeling intense differences in every place I went.. my journey with Astrocartography has been incredibly healing for me in being able to understand it's not just a coincidence. It's real!

The energy of each place you visit is unique to you and your own natal birth chart. If you've previously looked up your own chart, you know about all of the different planetary aspects, houses, zodiac signs, and ruling planets. And this information is very important for you because it's basically a soul map for every part of your being. It tells you in detail your strengths as well as your weaknesses, it lays a blue print of understanding for you so that you can better understand yourself and show up as your highest self.

So first, before you can know your astrocartography, please look up your birth chart first. You can do that at

Once you have this information and have taken the time to look at it, now it’s time to pull up you astrocartography chart. This will plot your birth chart across the world. It will look like a map with a series of lines running through it. Each line represents a different planetary energy. There are the beneficial planets (Jupiter and Venus) and then there are the malefic planets (Mars, Pluto, and Saturn). Every place in the world will have different planetary energy that is unique for your chart. Now I reccomend to look up your chart and pay close attention to the lines and crossings that are at the location of your birth. Depending on the energy that is present for you in the place you were raised will show you what you have been born into, meaning the lessons that you needed to learn and the place your soul chose to be reincarnated into.

Ok so now you have your map! I know it can be little overwhelming at first. There's so much information and so many planetary energies to look at. Each line above represents a different planet. Jupiter is pink, the moon is dark blue, Mercury is light green, Neptune is purple, Uranus is light blue, Venus is dark green, and so on.

Alright, so depending on what line you have been living on will have greatly impacted your life. Say that you grew up on a Pluto line... this would be a very challenging aspect because it's the planet of death and rebirth. Nothing is long lasting here and things will seem to remain hidden. This may have been a powerful place for you as a child, say you are Scorpio moon, this will have given you an insight into the path in life you want to choose and will have helped to develop your intuition. However, you may have already learned all the lessons you needed to learn in this location and be ready for a change.

Maybe you are looking for a more positive outlook, more travel opportunities, more abundance and ease. If that's the case you should look for your Jupiter line (the pink line on the chart). Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion so it will be great for you to experience it's energy.

That's where the map really comes into play to be a positive aspect. You may choose to move to a location with a more positive energy, such as a place with Venus or Jupiter running through it. There are a lot more aspects to Astrogeography but I will dive into those in a different post so I don't overwhelm you. This is just supposed to be an intro so that you can see your chart mapped for the first time and get a feel for what this is all about..

Trust me there's a lot to learn!

Like everything in life nothing is perfect and there will always be good aspects and bad aspects. And every planet has something to offer even it seems negative, there is always something to be learned. If you feel a certain calling to go to a certain place, you should go. You never know what lessons, experiences, or people will be waiting for you there.

Using astrocartography to plan your long term traveling is something I have been using it for that's been really fun and enlightening. Maybe you want to go on a healing journey or somewhere to do a yoga retreat, go to your Neptune line. Maybe you want to have a fun travel romance, maybe you will meet someone of your Venus line. Or if you're trying to find a place that feels like home, maybe the moon line is the one for you right now.

The point is that you can use this information to have more meaningful experiences while you travel, you can know the energy you will be coming into before you arrive, so that you can plan your activities with accordance. Trust me it's accurate. I went to my Neptune line before I knew about Astrocartography just wanting to have fun and be around people, but ended up on the beach at a yoga hostel and felt so at home.



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