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With everything going on in the world right now it's so important to reflect inward, protect your energy, and set loving intentions.

Use the rest of this week to focus on self care as we end Pisces season and enter the New Astrological year on Saturday.

On March 21st our sun moves into Aries season, beginning the New Year in Astrology and creates a determined, driven, and strong ripple effect on our energy. The world needs strong, powerful leaders more than ever right now, and Aries season will bring that about.

Combine this with Saturn moving into Aquarius on the 21st as well, we are entering a shift in consciousness, this will bring a more community oriented and futuristic thinking vibe.

This is a time for powerful shifts in the collective and ourselves. Use the rest of this week for self care and self love and let all of the new beginnings take place on the 21st.

Let yourself relax and just be for the rest of the week.

5 tips for SELF CARE for the end of the Astrological year.

  1. Create a Sacred space. Find a place in your home where you can lay out your yoga mat, candles, and essential oils. Make this a place where you can go to reflect, cleanse your energy, and set loving intentions for yourself. This is so powerful, because it's so important to have somewhere where you can just be, relax, and focus all your energy inward.

  2. Cleanse your home by diffusing essential oils, creating loving energy, and smudging sage. This only works if you set a powerful intention on creating a shift in the energy by focusing on love and rejuvenating of our conscious mind. We must be aware of our thoughts in order for our home to be cleansed as well, because everything is just a reflection of what we are feeling.

  3. Get outside once a day no matter the weather. We need to connect with Earth energy now more than ever. It's a reminder to stay grounded, that we are all connected, and everything is just a cycle of death and rebirth. With everything happening, fresh air + nature is so important. We must learn from the seasons that change is okay and necessary.

  4. Heal your body by eating foods with pure life energy. Start your day with lemon water, celery juice, or something that creates a vibrant feeling within. We must keep our bodies pure to connect to our own higher self. Stay away from old vices at this time, as it's important to have a clear energy field of your body right now, and anything that creates toxins will affect our thoughts and ability to heal ourselves.

  5. Meditate and journal. Try to go into a deep state of meditation first so that you can connect with your heart space. By doing this, you are allowing thoughts to flow freely with no ego. It's almost as if your spirit guides are communicating through you. This is so powerful because it allows us to write from our subconscious and connect with our higher selves.

These are tips, I use everyday to cleanse my energy and create more self love.

It's so powerful that we do things to heal ourselves right now, as we are in a difficult time with the collective energy, and must raise our own frequency first.

Pisces season is all about healing and intuition. It's okay to rest, the world is practically forcing us right now.

This is not a time to be driven and in our masculine, that will start next week in Aries season.

This ending of the Astrological year is a time to connect with our feminine, heal ourselves, and use our powerful intuition to create more love.


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