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Want to learn more about how each location in the world has different planet energy?

Download a free planet chart to learn more!

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Location Astrology

Find your best planetary energy lines 

with a location reading. Uncover the magic within + choose a supportive destination

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Business Astrology

In this magical business reading, find out your businesses birth chart and know the supportive locations for networking, creativity,

+ abundance.

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Soul Purpose

Uncover your soul purpose by combining an astrology reading with numerology to really know what you are here to do in this lifetime.


Astrocartography is a divine cosmic tool that can support you in the next level of your evolvement.

Our soul's choose to learn certain lessons during specific life phases.

And each location can help with the development of these lessons.

During a session we go over your birth chart, transits, and current life energy.

This then deeply correlates with the Astro map.

Each location you feel drawn to, have lived, or encounter people from has medicine for you.

Each planet energy line brings different things to your life. 

I offer guidance in helping to understand these soul lessons on a human level.

I offer guidance to help guide you to a location that will support all parts of you.

I offer guidance to help you understand the traumas certain places might have brought up.

And then support you in understanding why you chose to learn these lessons, and how it was necessary for your evolvement.

I offer support in choosing the next place that will support what your soul needs now


What is Locational Astrology?

AStrocartography or Astrogeography

Locational Astrology is a divine cosmic tool that helps you to find a location that will energetically support you. By plotting a map of your astrological chart over a map of the world, different planetary energies are revealed. Each planet represents a different frequency. By using this map for travel or planning a move, you can chose to move to a line that will help you manifest what you are trying to call into your life.


Uncover your soul purpose + find where your thrive!

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