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Road Tripping

Nomad Astrology is where I’ve combined my love of travel with the magic of astrology. By using an Astrocartography map to plan my trips, I’ve been able to experience the world in a whole new way. By spending time healing on my Neptune line, and developing my talents on my Jupiter line, I’ve been able to transform my life. It’s been such a magical experience for me, and now it’s my passion to teach others how to travel this way!

Here at Nomad Astrology, I teach you how to find your best destination using locational astrology to call into your life whatever you have been seeking... whether that be divine healing, a new career, your soul family, creative inspiration, or simply a chance to transform your life. 

Welcome Cosmic Souls!

What is Locational Astrology?

AStrocartography or Astrogeography

Locational Astrology is a divine cosmic tool that helps you to find a location that will energetically support you. By plotting a map of your astrological chart over a map of the world, different planetary energies are revealed. Each planet represents a different frequency. By using this map for travel or planning a move, you can chose to move to a line that will help you manifest what you are trying to call into your life.


Heal your soul by going somewhere new

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"Travel light. Live light. Spread the Light. Be the Light."

- Yogi Bhajan

Find out where you should travel or move to next based on what you are trying to call into your life. This session is both intuitive and astrological, focusing on your locational astrology map we work to uncover the best destinations for your soul's evolvement

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A business chart and location reading for the day your business was created. By doing a business birth chart, you can focus on the individual talents of your business, it's purpose, and even know where you should relocate or work with clients.

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Uncover your life path number to decode your unique purpose. Once you have this information you can find out what your personal year number is to discover what you should be working on this year. This is combined with your astrology birth chart + transits to find your soul purpose and mission in this lifetime.

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