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What is Locational Astrology?


Locational Astrology is a divine cosmic tool that helps you to find a location that will energetically support you. By plotting a map of your astrological chart over a map of the world, different planetary energies are revealed. Each planet represents a different frequency (see chart below). By using this map for travel or planning a move, you can chose to move to a line that will help you manifest what you are trying to call into your life.



               Sun                            Ego, Fame, Self expression

              Moon                           Family, Home, Motherhood

          Jupiter                        Abundance, Expansion, JOY

            Venus                            Love, Beauty, Relationships

            Pluto                          Death, Rebirth, New beginnings

          Neptune                          Spirituality, Intuition, Healing

             Uranus                            Innovation, Creativity

             Mars             Drive, Determination, Masculine energy

             Saturn                        Serious, Hard working, Structure


            Mercury                       Communication, intelligence

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